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We encourage you to explore the website to see how to use the links that initiate transactions. If you accidently make a booking that's OK, just cancel, it will be refunded to the account (except where the booking time starts before cancelling - let us know to correct it).

More information can be found by clicking;

Permanent BookingsCancellations and Wet WeatherAccount Discrepancies


First time users must REGISTER and activate an account. From then on, Login by entering the username and password you created. There is a password reset function if you have forgotten your username or password (this function uses your stored email address, if you no longer have access to it click here to contact Trevor).


You will either, need sufficient funds in your account or have the feature enabled to allow a negative balance.

  1. Click on Bookings in the green band at the top of the page. The availability for the current day will be shown
  2. Select a date from the list found by clicking the drop arrow next to the date. You can book up to eight weeks ahead.
  3. Tick the box(es) required.
  4. Click Make Booking at the bottom of the table.
  5. Look at the list of Upcoming Bookings to confirm your bookings are correct.
  6. Cancelling

    1. Click Show All in the Upcoming Bookings list.
    2. Tick the box(es) next to the booking(s) to be cancelled.
    3. Click Cancel Bookings at the bottom of the table.
    4. Check the list of Upcoming Bookings to confirm your bookings are correct.
    5. Paying Online

      Internet Banking

      1. Log in to your bank's online banking site and enter our bank details, enter the amount, type your tennis account member name in the reference and make the payment.

        This is safe as you deal directly with your bank. You can also have your bank remember us as a payee so it's easier next time.

        • Account Name: Avoca Beach Tennis Club Incorporated
        • BSB: 082574
        • Account: 641313015
      2. On our website, click the "Make Payment via Electronic Banking" tool on the Account page and type the amount in the form to have it immediately credited to your account. It is important that you do this to make sure the payment is credited to the correct account and may otherwise be lost or take two or three days to be credited.

        Casual Users may not have this feature enabled but a message will be sent to the treasurer to have the payment credited as soon as possible. A request to enable the feature can be sent to treasurer by e-mail.

      3. PayPal

        1. On our website, click the "Make Payment via PayPal" tool on the Account page.
        2. Tick the amount and click the PayPal symbol.

          This takes you to PayPal and offers you a choice of a one-off payment using a credit card or to set up a PayPal account.

        3. Follow the prompts to make the payment.

          The payment will be credited to your tennis account on completion.

        4. Requesting a Wet Weather Credit

          1. Click on Account in the green band at the top of the page.
          2. Click on the Request Wet Weather Credit tool.
          3. Enter the date of the booking by choosing; year, month, day. Only the days you had bookings on will be presented.
          4. Tick the boxes for the affected times and courts.
          5. Click Report. A confirmation message will be shown, allow a couple of days for the refund to be approved and a credit to be given.

Today's Availability

6 a.m. » Court 1 with lights, Court 2 with lights
7 a.m. » Unavailable
8 a.m. » Unavailable
9 a.m. » Unavailable
10 a.m. » Court 2
11 a.m. » Unavailable
noon » Unavailable
1 p.m. » Court 1, Court 2
2 p.m. » Unavailable
3 p.m. » Court 1
4 p.m. » Unavailable
5 p.m. » Unavailable
6 p.m. » Unavailable
7 p.m. » Unavailable
8 p.m. » Unavailable
9 p.m. » Court 1, Court 2

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