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Membership and Terms of Use

Membership Details

There are two main types of membership;

Negative Balance

A feature to allow a negative balance can be enabled on request by e-mail to the treasurer.

Financial Institution Details

We will not ask you to supply any bank or credit card details to us, when you make payments online, you deal directly with your bank for EFT or directly with PayPal.

Personal Details

Personal details will be used only for the purpose of running the Club. The member should see that details are kept current via the link on the Account page

Permanent Bookings

To get an idea of when permanent bookings may be available check the booking calendar a few weeks ahead. If a permanent booking is required, an application can be made by e-mail to the treasurer. Once a booking is made permanent, bookings will continue to be made, eight weeks ahead, until the permanent booking is formally ended. The member is liable for those bookings.

Cancellations and Refunds

A booking credit (Refund, not including agent fee) will be given automatically to accounts where cancellations are made provided they are;

Cancel Bookings Now Cancel bookings

Wet Weather Refunds

In the case of wet weather the member must request a wet weather credit online or notify the agent, within two weeks following the booking date (otherwise send an email).

Free Stand-By Bookings

Bookings made online, within an hour of the time slot can be requested as free, "Stand-By" bookings if they are for the use of school children. The normal fee will initially be charged and adjusted on approval. A request for a booking as "Stand-By" should be made by e-mail to the treasurer after booking.

Half Comp Entry Fee Rebate for Kids

This is an offer to our coaching kids to help them prepare for competitions entered. Half of the comp entry fee, up to $200 per year for each junior will be credited to the members account to be used for bookings. Send details of comp entry each month to treasurer.

Re-letting Courts

Courts must not be re-let or used to conduct a business (other than coaching by a coach appointed by Avoca Beach Tennis Club). It is acceptable to make a booking on your account for somebody else but this must be personal and not a business arrangement.

Request for Payment

If, at the discretion of ABTC, we request that the balance of an account is paid, it should be paid in full within fourteen (14) days of the request.

Termination of Accounts

ABTC may terminate inactive accounts after notification to the member or, without notice if the member cannot be contacted or has not responded to a payment request.

Court Fees

A schedule of court fees can be found here. Bookings made by the agent are subject to an agent fee ($2.00 per booking).

Today's Availability

7 a.m. » Court 1, Court 2
8 a.m. » Unavailable
9 a.m. » Unavailable
10 a.m. » Unavailable
11 a.m. » Unavailable
noon » Unavailable
1 p.m. » Court 1, Court 2
2 p.m. » Court 1, Court 2
3 p.m. » Court 2
4 p.m. » Court 2
5 p.m. » Unavailable
6 p.m. » Unavailable
7 p.m. » Court 2
8 p.m. » Court 1, Court 2
9 p.m. » Court 1, Court 2

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